Change Plan

30 AUD /Day Pass

Hot Desk (One-Off)

Ok so you're looking for the best seat in town and it's an in and out type of transaction before your next location....

  • Hot Desk, between 8:30am and 5pm (Weekdays only)

  • Access to Showers, Toilets, Kitchen Facilities, Phone Booths etc

  • Electricity & Internet included

Time Passes
  • Day Pass 30 AUD
    • 10 for 275 AUD

 By the signing of this agreement the MEMBER agrees that:

- all possible effort has been made by Split Spaces to ensure a safe environment

- they will bear all responsibility for, and full indemnify Split Spaces against, any injury or damage caused by the MEMBER

- Split Spaces will bear no responsibility for damage to or loss of the MEMBERS property, including physical and intellectual

- Split Spaces will bear no responsibility for injury caused to the MEMBER

- the MEMBER will abide by all instructions and directions issued b Split Spaces staff

- the MEMBER will only engage in activities on site which have been approved by authorised Split Spaces staff

- the MEMBER has been advised of all safety equipment (if applicable) and the emergency evacuation procedure

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