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30 AUD /Day Pass

Hitchhiker (Hot Desk)

Ok so you're looking for the best seat in town and it's an in and out type of transaction before your next location....

Sounds like you’re a Hitchhiker and we have the membership just right for you.... With access to the collaborative facilities and Wi-Fi, we will set you up so you can work until your next lift arrives. Hold your meetings in a booth or add on the use of a boardroom or workshop space, join us in the breakout space and connect with some cool people while you make the most of the creative environment. Next stop, success.

Time Passes
  • Day Pass 30 AUD
    • 10 for 275 AUD

 By the signing of this agreement the MEMBER agrees that:

- all possible effort has been made by Split Spaces to ensure a safe environment

- they will bear all responsibility for, and full indemnify Split Spaces against, any injury or damage caused by the MEMBER

- Split Spaces will bear no responsibility for damage to or loss of the MEMBERS property, including physical and intellectual

- Split Spaces will bear no responsibility for injury caused to the MEMBER

- the MEMBER will abide by all instructions and directions issued b Split Spaces staff

- the MEMBER will only engage in activities on site which have been approved by authorised Split Spaces staff

- the MEMBER has been advised of all safety equipment (if applicable) and the emergency evacuation procedure

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