Split Spaces Business Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

By completing this process and agreement:

1) Split Spaces agrees that:

• they will provide appropriate training on all safety equipment and emergency evacuation procedures

• they will provide appropriate induction/safety briefings and procedures relating to the operating of any equipment owned by Split Spaces which is available MEMBERS use. Specific training will be provided on specialised equipment owned by Split Spaces as required.

• they grant no indemnity for damage to or loss of the MEMBERS property, including but not limited to physical and intellectual, to the level maximum appropriate at law.

• They bear no responsibility for injury caused to the MEMBER to the level maximum appropriate by law

• They will make all reasonable efforts to ensure a safe environment for all MEMBERS

2) The MEMBER agrees that:

• they will bear all responsibility for, and fully indemnify Split Spaces, against any injury or damage caused by the MEMBER

• they will abide by all instructions and directions issued by Split Spaces staff

• they will only engage in activities on site which have been approved by authorised Split Spaces staff

• they have been advised of all safety equipment (if applicable) and the emergency evacuation procedure.

• they will not operate/use any equipment owned by Split Spaces without first obtaining verbal acceptances and (if required) induction/safety briefing and procedures relevant to the operation of said equipment

• they will comply with all induction/safety briefings and procedures relevant to the use of any equipment owned by Split Spaces. The MEMBER also agrees to provide full indemnity to Split Spaces for any damage or injury caused as a result of non-compliance with all induction / safety briefings and procedures

• they will fully indemnify Split Spaces for any damage caused to or by property owned by Split Spaces which is damage during the use by the MEMBER provided such damage was as a result of the MEMBERS misuse, negligence, error or omission.

• they will ensure that they take our and maintain the currency of the following insurance:

o Public Liability – for a limit of no less than $10,000,000

o Products Liability

o Property Insurance for all property left

o Any other insurance which are relevant to their business that a responsible business owner would hold.

Proof of these insurance must be provided within seven (7) days or request by Split Spaces staff.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

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